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Savannah would take a running start and pluck a Frisbee out of the air with grace and ease.

Savannah would never take food off the counter or table. We didn't teach her. She respected us and knew not to.

Savannah was kind to cats.

Savannah once knocked a brand new flat screen TV off the table while playing tug with her cousin Reuben. Oops!

Savannah's favorite place during a thunderstorm was in the bathtub, shower curtain pulled closed please.

Savannah's nickname was Big V. Or Vanny. Or just Girl.

Savannah outpaced the energy of two teenaged boys, her human brothers Mike and Daniel.

Savannah rode with Kelly, her human sister, to Ohio from Virginia. Whew, that was rough.

Savannah had vivid dreams.

Dr. Bowers is a gem of a human being. She calmly gave her compassion and professionalism and she was our angel.


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