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I don't know how to memorialize a small creature that was with us twenty years & 5 months. Nikki was not a typical kitty. I guess I should start with the fact that she was in the middle of our family unit every single day. She wasn't fussy, she didn't want to be the boss, and she wanted to be close by and "helping" all the time. She let my daughter dress her up and push her around in a doll stroller while the other cat would look at her like she was crazy. She had a fuzzy blanket that she sucked on like a toddler would. She never met a stranger and welcomed their clumsy head pats. And she was always there when one of us needed her to be. Our family has lost a true member of our family, not a pet.

We are very thankful and grateful for Dr. Rikh coming to our home to assist her and making her passing very peaceful. She spent time with Nikki and explained every step as we went through the process. She is a very caring person who is compassionate and understanding of what we were going through. For such a horrible situation, she made it bearable.

I feel certain that Nikki is now free of cancer, and trotting through green grass with other beloved pets that have moved on. We will always love you our sweet girl!


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