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Milo Blaze

Milo Blaze, Lo-Lo Booty, My Sweet Boy...

Milo and I met in 2014 when he was approximately 4 months old, and I was a recent college graduate at 22. He had a broken femur and was surrendered to the Animal Hospital where my mom worked. We met and I knew instantly that he was my boy. He came home with me in a tiny pink cast and we spent the next decade together growing as family. 

Despite a rough start, Milo was incredibly fast and agile. He left every dog in the dust at Bow Wow Beach in Stow, Ohio. His energy was limitless. We enjoyed long walks, exploring new trails, and being outside together. Every morning, every night, no matter the weather... we were walking. The peace we found exploring together is something I will always cherish.

Milo is most famously known in our circle as being a chatty guy. Quite the talker, Milo had no problem interrupting conversation or interjecting to make his point known. He was unapologetically himself and was never afraid to speak up. 

Over the years, Milo had several surgeries and injuries and even powered through physical therapy on the water treadmill for a bit of time. He never once gave up. He was the truest picture of resilience and I will always be in awe of his strength.

During our life together, Milo saw me fall in love, get married and start a family. We were his pack, and he was ours. We had 10 short years together. 

Our pack is missing our sweet boy, but we are finding peace in knowing that he is no longer hurting and that his last day was a true reflection of how he lived his life: Happy.

I cannot thank Dr. Rikh enough for her kindness, empathy and professionalism during what is undoubtedly one of the hardest moments of my life. 

Love you furever, Lo-Lo


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