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Our family cannot thank Kona’s Loving Paws enough for all the support we received. Dr. Rihk was compassionate and thoughtful. I called Junior my “handsome man”. His calm demeanor and gentleness to everyone he met was priceless. Twelve years was not long enough with this guy. He loved to lay under the apple trees and bring in apples to eat during the summer months. I will never forget how he would walk around the house with the apple in his mouth letting everyone know it’s his. Dr. Rihk encouraged us to tell the life of Junior and how his life began. She truly shows her love of animals. Her explanation of the process for a peaceful passing helped us emotionally through such a hard time. Being able to hold and talk to Junior until he went over the rainbow bridge was so comforting as his end of life has devastating. You are never prepared to say goodbye to you furry one but Dr. Rihk’s expertise and gentleness made the process very peaceful. Thank you again Dr. Rihk for what you do to help us emotionally through such a hard time.


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