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Jersey “dirty” Gilmer June 2008 - January 2023

What can we say about our sweet boy other than he brought so much joy, laughter, love and at times chaos to our lives… beating all the odds when at 5 years old they recommended we put him down due to a back injury that even with surgery he would more than likely not walk! Well we opted for surgery and the day after surgery you saw us, got up, and walked right up to us and made a full recovery. Your will and determination were never ending, you were our shadow dog and wanted to be where we were at all times… Jersey loved to lay in the sun by the pool with his mama, do zoomies in the yard, go for car rides, play fetch and most of all snuggle up someplace warm, he absolutely despised laying on the ground which we had many battles about but eventually gave in and let him on all and any soft surfaces he desired! He has been with us through every animal that has ever been in our lives and accepted each addition with love, and mourned when they left us for their final rest. Thank you for not giving up at 5 and giving us another 10 years and 7 months of your craziness dirt dirt! Our

home will miss you presence but you my sweet will remain in our hearts forever! Your buddy Leo will you miss terribly but now is your time to go run and zoom with your brothers Lucky and Max over that rainbow bridge and be in pain no more


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