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Thank you very much Dr. Rikh for your loving care and loving spirit while you helped our dear Harley Doodle cross the Rainbow Bridge! Even with the tears constantly flowing you made this difficult experience tolerable! We are so thankful we chose to use Kona’s Loving Paws, and would use you again without question! You showed us how much you love our furry family members by treating them with utmost dignity and love!

Harley Doodle was an F1b Goldendoodle born on 1/20/2008. He was 15 years old when he crossed the rainbow bridge on 2/15/2023 with the help of Dr. Rikh from Kona’s Loving Paws from declining health.

Harley came home at the age of 8 weeks old as a surprise gift for our then 12 year old son, Hunter. He became something special to each of us in the coming years.

For Todd, my husband, he was his grill mate! Always there to lend a lick as a taste tester to whatever he was cooking up. If Harley was scared he always knew his daddy would keep him safe and secure. When Harley’s health was declining and he struggled to walk…his dad was always by his side helping him around every obstacle.

To my now adult son, Hunter, Harley was his wrestle buddy. Harley knew he could play rough with him, but also knew his limits. Hunter was also the one he would snuggle with. Harley would go to Hunter and lead him back to his bed so Hunter would hug him while Harley buried his head into Hunter’s arms.

For me, Kimberly, Harley was my constant companion. Harley vary rarely would leave my side…Only if food was being eaten in another area of the house. Harley knew when I was having a fibromyalgia flare. He would stay beside me for days when I would be in bed.

Harley’s favorite things were going for walks, car rides with his doodle fluff blowing in the wind. We couldn’t go on a car ride without getting him a special treat whether a pup cup of vanilla ice cream, a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets. He absolutely loved to go to Prairie Oaks park and walk the trails. He would always drag us to either the creek or pond for a cool swim. He loved all water! His best friend was Cooper the Golden Retriever, that lived around the block. They would go swimming together in Cooper’s in ground pool chasing floating tennis balls! Harley loved this so much he would continuously bark his excitement for being there!

15 years of this boy was not enough! He was known all over the world with nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram! He was loved by so many. His life will live on through all the wonderful memories we will carry in our hearts and souls until we can meet again across the Rainbow Bridge!

If you are reading this and have never used Kona’s Loving Paws. I can promise you won’t go wrong! Dr. Rikh was beyond what we could have imagined. She has a deep love and respect for helping our furry family members cross over. If we ever are in this same position again we will definitely use her!

Dr. Rikh also used a company named Forever Friends Cremation located here in Hilliard, Ohio. They were extremely professional and treated Harley with more care and love then what some humans receive. We couldn’t have asked for anything better from either company!

Run free sweet boy! Until we meet again!


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