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Our sweet boy was with us for 16 years. He came to us as an energetic pup that had bounced from home to home but didn't find the right fit. But as soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was perfect for our growing family. He loved us with his whole heart, and he completed us so perfectly. We spent 16 years spoiling him, loving him and even letting him think he was the boss at times. The loss of our boy has put a whole in our hearts, has made our home feel empty and makes us feel incomplete. But I know his pain is over and he's no longer suffering. I'll remember all the great memories we shared, in hopes of the loss getting a little easier as time passes. A special THANK YOU has to go to Dr. Simona Rikh for making this experience just a little easier. She was kind, patient and caring with our family and so loving to our sweet Dasher. I know in his last moments he was truly happy. Thank you so much Dr. Rikh you are greatly appreciated.


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