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Arista came into our lives in July of 2010-she was the sweetest, tiniest little ball of wrinkles at only 6 weeks old. Arista was one of several Shar Pei I have had the pleasure of being “Mom” to, and she was without a doubt the most wonderful! 

She was very social (because I took her everywhere when she was young) for a Shar Pei. As a breed, they are fiercely loyal and generally not good “patients” as far as vets are concerned, but no matter how many different vets she had, every one of them complimented what a sweet girl she was, always to their surprise. 

Arista was loved by so many and will be missed every day. Our hearts are broken, but we know time will heal because our baby is at peace. 

Thank you, Dr. Rikh for being so kind-you are an amazing human, and we are so grateful for you! 

Rest easy, our sweet baby girl-until we meet again!


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