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Macy - sweet Macy.  This girl stole my heart the moment she quite literally waved me down and picked me and my daughter at a shelter in 2009 when she was around six months old.  We got her the night before Thanksgiving, hence she was named after the Thanksgiving day parade.  It didn’t even occur to me that a shelter cat would likely have fleas so I spent the next two days giving baths and forming a bond that could never break. I would joke often that I replaced my ex-husband with a cat, but I seriously believe that God knew exactly what I needed at that time and placed this little loyal friend in my path to heal my broken heart. For over 14 years, Macy has been my little best furry friend, always by my side, cuddling, and up for a rousing game of “don’t touch my face” (she touched my face continuously) or hanging out on my desk as I started work to see if I may offer up some of my breakfast.  Wherever I was in the house, there she was.  Losing Macy has created a hole in my heart and a void in our home.  Even still, I cherish every moment I was gifted with her unconditional love and companionship.  I am so appreciative to Kona‘s Loving Paws for helping her to pass peacefully and with love.  Knowing she will not continue to experience further decline, pain, fear and anxiety brings comfort to my heart.

I will be missing you until I see you again, Macy.

“God will provide us with everything we need to be happy in Heaven -- and if animals are necessary to make us completely happy there, you can be confident He will arrange for them to be with us.” - Rev Billy Graham


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