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To my Lily pig—There will never be a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. All the funny stories, silly photos, inside jokes about you. All the little moments I realized just how special our relationship truly was. There won’t be single moment in my lifetime that I don’t miss you terribly with an incurable ache deeply rooted in my heart. And as selfish as a wish of more time is I would do anything for another day.

You may not be curled up next to me anymore but if one thing is certain I know you’re curled up next to your sister Ella the way it always was. I’ll still call out for you for the rest of time because I still feel your presence everywhere I go. I’ll still turn the volume up on the tv when I know we are getting mail. I’ll continue to turn around when I’m doing dishes because even though I can’t see you watching me anymore I can feel you always. When we met I’m not sure I was the perfect person to raise you but I grew to be and you grew to be the missing part of my soul I longed for all my life.

I’ll never be able to say thank you enough because we were always far past words so just know I’m giving you the look I’ve always given for 11 years while holding your paw or your sprinkle ear and reminding you just how much I love you, forever and ever. I can’t wait until we meet again somewhere warm in the sun just like you like, hopefully surrounded by flowers and love.

With all my love, mama


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