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We got Max as a puppy, his mom was a stray that was rescued by a family member. Max was our shenanigans dog; he was a silly, high-spirited dog who would dance when you scratched his butt. If he wanted something, he would find a way to get it which meant knocking down the fence to get the bunny who was making faces at him or climbing onto a table to retrieve Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in Bacon. He loved to give kisses and wear anything we put on him with pride. We took Max to the vet and they informed us that he had a cancerous mass that caused his spline to rupture and had internal bleeding and there was nothing we could do for him. We called Dr. Rikh immediately, we once again could not see having our dog somewhere they were not comfortable to be during their last moments. She was able to fit us in and we were able to take Max home and spend a few hours with him in the sun in the backyard. Dr. Rikh was once again very caring, gentle, and compassionate while helping Max cross over the Rainbow Bridge to see his brother Nash. She sat with us in the grass while we had our last moments with Max, she wanted Max to be comfortable and in a spot that he enjoyed. She understands the pain and grief we go through which means so much to us.


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