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The Benefits of saying goodbye at home:

It is the most comfortable and gentle option for your beloved pet:

Having your beloved pet enter into the final part of their life journey in the comfort of their own home means that they do not have to deal with the stress that is often associated with coming to the veterinary hospital. It is common for pets to have anxiety when entering a medical office full of unfamiliar noises, smells, people and other pets. This can be very stressful for any pet but can be amplified and especially devastating for a more frail or painful pet. Allowing a pet to spend their last moments in the safety of their familiar surroundings with all the comforts of their daily lives is the most gentle, caring and least stressful option. This gentle peaceful passing in their own safe space can be the kindest final gift that you can give your beloved furry family member.

Your pet will feel safe, comfortable and loved in his/her final moments:

At home euthanasia is the least stressful option for your family. During an extremely difficult and emotional time having to load up your beloved pet, especially a large pet with mobility issues, and your family into the car and make the painful trip to the veterinary office only to be greeted by a waiting room full of unknowns: patients coming and going, a daunting hospital room, staff’s attention potentially divided, or possibly the doctor being interrupted or called away for an emergency. Then having to either sneak out the back of the hospital with tears in your eyes or having to make that walk back through the hospital lobby.

Now imagine the doctor coming to your door while the family is gathered in your own

home. Your beloved pet continues to be spoiled and comfortable in his/her own familiar

environment with his loved ones around. Your pet continues to be loved while a heavy

sedative is administered and your pet calmly doses off to a deep sleep prior to the

administration of the final medication which will allow your furry family member to

peacefully cross over the rainbow bridge. Any special family traditions can be honored

at any point throughout this process without any interruption. All the doctors attention is

given to honor your bond with your pet during this special moment.

Can be done at the most convenient time with no distractions and no rush:

At home end of life care for your pet means that everything happens on your time. There

are no time constraints and no other distractions or commitments. Your highly skilled

veterinarian can take the time to explain and walk you through the process. These

services can be provided any time of day including evenings, weekends and holidays.

This can allow the family ample time to have a special and fulfilling day for all. The

guidance and care from your veterinarian during this special time can be invaluable to

help the family during and after the end of life services are completed. The grieving

process is just that ... a process. The help and guidance of your veterinarian can serve

as an invaluable resource to help in all stages of this process.

Go at your own pace with the guidance of a veterinarian who is at your service:

Saying goodbye in your own home also means that your caring veterinarian is able to

give you and your pet 100% of their time and attention. In this intimate setting there is

no rush of the hospital or other patients waiting in nearby rooms, barking dogs in kennels

or the call from other hospital team members in need of assistance. This is truly an intimate time unlike any other. Your caring and specially trained veterinarian can guide you and your family through this difficult time without interruptions or the hustle and bustle of a busy clinic in the background. The process can be done at your own time and with as little disruption or stress to the entire family. It is also easier to honor special requests for those families that may have special religious ceremonies or family rituals they may want to incorporate into the final part of their beloved pet’s journey.


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