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I would absolutely recommend Konaslovingpaws to anyone. Even though it was unfortunate circumstances with meeting, the Dr was absolutely wonderful with everything she did. Ruger surely made a new friend at the end of his life. She sure knew the way to his heart with the M&Ms. Ruger had just turned 9 years at the beginning of January, but he was so mouthy and sassy all the way up until the end. His tail always wagged walking in the door all while grabbing his favorite toy to also backed talked us daily. Back in the day, he was able to break out of the house on the daily and he would run. But he would only let you get so close to catching him and then take off again. However a couple weeks before he passed. I found out he had cancer and he just went down so quick. Konaslovingpaws made the transition as easy as they could with the toughest job someone could have. Thank you so much!


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