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Nothing will ever be able to compare to the bond we have with our Rebel. Our family is so incredibly lucky to have been able to have this dog as our own. There will never be a dog that can replace you, Rebel.

You lived a life knowing only love. Every person you met, you showed love. The most gentle giant. You would take treats and food so carefully and slowly out of our hands, and you would tolerate anything. We are completely and utterly distraught at losing you, but now there is no more struggling to walk, no more losing so much weight despite eating so much, and no more taking 45 seconds or more just to stand up or lay down.

We never “recover” from close loses like Rebel was. Their memory becomes welded to us as a permanent part of ourselves. We keep adding more on. This makes us mature and expand our own character and form the true picture of what life is, and what it’s all about. We are sad, that goes with it, but we have to Love and remember.

Run free in a big yard best boy. Play with Ginger, Samson, and Sassy. We love you!

Thank you, Kona’s Loving Paws, for making Rebels end-of-life journey so peaceful. You eased our minds, took away so much worry, and made us feel so much comfort.

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