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Maudie was our 19 year old Westie. My shadow. One of a ‘pair’ for 17 years - we lost her sister a few years ago. As a youngster she dug holes under fences and snuck out the front door or gate whenever she could. She was quite the huntress - always chasing bunnies and squirrels. She despised bikes and UPS trucks. This girl was territorial and protective of her people - loving fiercely until the very end. Her body was failing her and we are so thankful to have found Kona’s Loving Paws through our regular vet in Dublin. Maudie’s end of life journey was so peaceful thanks to Dr. Rikh. It’s so difficult for all of us still to this day - we miss her and can’t imagine not holding her again, but we feel relieved that she is not in pain any more. We hope you are watching fish TV and loving running free again across the rainbow bridge with Trudy.


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