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Matisse came into my life in September of 2014. Though it's hard to believe, he was no larger than a cat when I first saw him. On the car ride home, he looked around shyly for a few minutes and then decisively climbed over the divider and into my lap (we certainly adopted safer car practices later on!). Since that moment, we were always together, enjoying the beauty of life and every day to the fullest extent. Matisse was very social, he loved people, and had a wonderful way of communicating and connecting with everyone. He loved other dogs as well. During the first half of his life he had an amazing friendship with our neighbor - an English Lab named Jack. Though Matisse was larger, Jack was always the wise calm older brother. Matisse especially loved spending time by water, particularly Alum Creek Lake, we explored many spots there and visited regularly during any and every season. Matisse loved to swim and he got endless opportunities to do so (though he was afraid to go in the water until Jack showed him the ropes when he was 15 months old). Matisse started to slow down back in autumn of 2021, but was able to continue having a meaningful life through supplements, physical therapy, and later medication until May of 2023. Though his last couple days weren't the best, he met Dr. Rikh with his usual joy and friendliness, and was so pleased with her chocolates, all the way until he fell into a deep snoring slumber. Thank you, Dr. Rikh.


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