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I had to make the decision to let my sweet girl Callie go after 20 years. We didn't want it to be in a strange place with strange smells, our veterinarian office gave me the card for KONA'S LOVING PAWS. We reached out when we got home and Dr. Rikh responded right away. She called and walked us through the details of the appointment. I was very hesitant about making the decision of when to do this very hard thing, I was going to bring someone into Callie's safe place to end her life and that was very hard for me to imagine. Dr. Rikh was very understanding and allowed us time. I watched my girl for a few hours and knew I could not let her linger and suffer because I did not want to let her go. With extreme sadness we scheduled the visit. I was not planning on talking about Callie and sharing stories of her as I thought it would only make it hurt worse and I would not be able to let her go after remembering just some of her wonderful antics and the joy she brought to our world. When Dr. Rikh arrived that all changed, she made me feel so at ease and comforted that I wanted to share my Callie with her. She listened with absolute care and compassion. She then again explained what was going to take place and did not rush us through any of the process even though it was very late, she gave us all the time we needed for our goodbyes. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for Dr. Rikh and the service she performs. Her kindness, sympathy, and compassion are beyond measure. She was so gentle and caring with our girl. I am eternally grateful and we cannot thank you enough Dr. Rikh!


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