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Although we had known Brutus since his puppyhood, he didn’t come to live with us until after the death of his owner, who was a family member. He quickly adjusted to our home and he got along well with our Shih Tzu Satchi. Brutus was a Havanese, but people would often ask us which of the two dogs was older. They looked a good bit alike, but he was shorter and several pounds lighter. He was a strong defender of our house and barked whenever anyone walked by the house or came onto the porch. He liked to explore in the backyard and wasn’t at all afraid of the deer that sometimes visit our yard. When he walked toward them they would run away and jump the fence, not knowing that he just wanted to make their acquaintance. He had a very cute way of running across the yard, it actually was sort of a run/hop combination. He loved treats and would dance on his back legs when he felt that he deserved to be rewarded. He was a sweet and loving companion and lived for close to 18 years. We miss him so much and hope that he somehow reconnected with his previous owner. We’ve noticed that Satchi seems to be missing him, as well. He lived with us for close to three years and absolutely left his mark

on our family and in our hearts.

We are so glad that we found out about Dr. Rikh and the service she offers. We have lost other pets over the years and the euthanasia was always done in a veterinarian’s office. Having Dr. Rikh come to our home for Brutus was the best we could have hoped for in such a sad and emotional situation. She clearly explained everything that she was going to do and there were no surprises. It meant a lot to us that we could do this privately and peacefully.

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