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Brutus was my loving companion and special boy for 14.5 years. Saying goodbye is truly heartbreaking. Brutus lived a wonderful life and loved many things. He loved to go for daily walks. Every day he was my shadow until we walked. We were lucky enough to take him to Hilton Head 6 times. He would swim in the pool until he was exhausted. If we blocked off the stairs to give him a break he would run to the deep end and belly flop into the water. He loved chasing a ball into the waves on the beach. He loved to open presents. He would take his time and carefully bite the tip of the paper and tear it slowly. He could always find his presents under the Christmas tree and only open his gifts. He loved riding on the boat and the golf cart. He loved being outside with all the smells and the wind in his ears. He loved dog cream any brand and would bark after dinner for it.

When Brutus was eight, we rescued his brother, Wyatt. Brutus was the best big brother showing Wyatt all the dos and do nots of being a family dog. He loved his little brother and would snuggle with him. As they got older, they were best friends and always together.

As Brutus aged and arthritis set in walking became more challenging. We bought a large red dog stroller and continued our long daily walks. Brutus would walk until he was tired then ride for the remaining walk. We made other accommodations allowing him to remain an active member of our “pack.”

Thank you Dr. Rikh for your kindness and compassion. We feel truly fortunate we were able to say goodbye to our beloved boy at home with his mom, dad and brother at his side. Brutus will always be my baby and live forever in my heart.


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