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Belle was adopted Belle in 2014, She was my first dog after moving out on my own. As soon as I saw her picture I fell in love with her. Belle was my absolute best friend, I never went anywhere without her and everyone called me a crazy dog mom. In 2015 I met Belles dad - our family of two quickly became a family of four.

In 2017 Belle went in for a routine vet visit and we were told she had a heart murmur, we quickly got her into the best cardiologist in the state and started medication for her, in 2019 Belle was diagnosed with Cushings disease again though we took her for testing and got her the treatment she needed.

Belle never let her health issues stop her from being the sassiest little girl, if she had something to say she would make sure you knew it. Being named after a princess definitely suited her, I gave her absolutely anything she wanted (she even had her own couch no one else was allowed to sit on). Belle was there for me through so much, through heartbreak, through multiple health issues and surgeries I couldn't have asked for a better heart dog.

While letting Belle go was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life Dr. Rikh was so patient and kind as I sobbed like a baby. She came out late at night for a consultation (she was our fourth opinion) because I had to make sure we were doing the right thing. We made the decision the next day to let Belle go because we didn't want her to suffer anymore. Dr. Rikh again was kind and compassionate and made sure we were ready every step of the way, she let us spend as much time as we wanted with Belle and even carried her out in her favorite blanket.


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