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From the moment Barney became part of our family, he brought joy, laughter and head-shaking at the things he would do. He loved to play fetch with the Chuck-It, running until we made him stop. Sometimes it was like he was flying through the air. He was always a good sport about letting us dress him up, ranging from a hat to a dress to full on Red Riding Hood. He was goofy, clumsy, and always loving. A good neck scratch or scratching along his back were a couple of his favorites. He was our protector and a sweet, loving dog. He was our handsomest boy. He will be forever missed.

Kona’s Loving Paws helped us say goodbye to Barney with dignity, compassion and respect for us and him. Dr. Rikh was very considerate and explained everything gently and proceeded according to our direction. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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