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Ace “Pookie” Burk

Acey boy walked in to our lives 9 years and 3 months ago and our life is forever changed because of him. He was our Christmas boy, the first of our “kids” and the one that came before the kids. He had so many nicknames that we couldn’t list them all. He was the best cuddle boy around, he loved to play with his favorite ball, and he gave the best kisses. The biggest thing that ace was, was a protector. He knew his people and he loved and protected them with all he had. When each of our children came along he knew immediately and without hesitation those were his people too. So, he did what Ace did best, he loved and protected them too. There have been countless nights they shared a blanket and he was the pillow, they have raced each other in the yard, or he simply laid there watching all the things around them making sure they were okay. He has been with us for so many of life’s biggest moments, it is hard to imagine him not there for what’s to come. Ace was the strongest boy through his cancer diagnosis. Letting him go was the hardest thing we have had to. Although there is a hole in our hearts, we will continue to love him endlessly until we see him again.


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