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Just wanted to share my story of Zeke. Thank you so much for all of your care in Zeke's final moments on July 23, 2023. It was so cute to see him perk up when you met him. That's just who he was, loved people and loved life. It's been two weeks now, and I still can't believe he's gone, I just want him back so bad but I know time will heal and I have so many wonderful fun memories, videos and photo's of my boy to get me through. I adopted Zeke(he adopted me of course) on March 8, 2015 from a Doberman rescue group called Handmedowndobes at one of their adoption events. He was just shy of his 1st birthday which was March 20, 2014. I had already fallen in love with him from his bio and pictures from their website and when I arrived at the adoption event, he was the wildest one there and I said, "I'll take him" and it was a done deal. I brought him home and the first thing he did was poop on my family room carpet, even after I had walked him outside prior to bringing him in. He had claimed his new home and the rest is history! Our main hangout was Godown Dog Park in Worthington, he had a blast going there and we met so many friends. And he was such a wonderful ambassador of my Worthington neighborhood with all the walks we did. His favorite things to do on walks were picking up any plastic bottles, loved to recycle. Loved picking up the biggest sticks and bringing them back to his stick library that we collected back home and I would eventually use all the sticks/branches for my fireplace. And of course loved to chase all the squirrels and bunnies and sniff out the racoons in the sewers, he knew when they were nearby. And of course, he was so handsome and received so many compliments. I've never had a dog that received so many comments ie. "You have a beautiful dog" "Oh what a handsome pup you are" etc. He was so majestic and regal. Was always by my side, there was no such thing as having my own personal space. Best of all, there was nothing better than Zeke looking into my eyes and resting his head on my lap. The love and bond was so strong with Zeke. Which is why there is a giant void and hole in my heart still. But I know he is no longer in pain! Dr. Rikh, thank you again for making his end of life journey painless and peaceful surrounded by all the love and comfort from his own home. The whole process was very warm and comforting as it could be in that situation. I've attached a couple of pics as well. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your services to others in need of it.


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