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Zeek was such a goofy, clumsy, sweet, and joyful light in our lives. We’ve had him since he was just 8 weeks old and he was by our side through just about everything. He tagged along on road trips, camping trips, would sit on patios as we enjoyed a meal, everywhere we went, so did he. He was always the center of attention everywhere we went and we would often hear people comment on how beautiful he was or how big he was. He got us through some really tough times, always offering cuddles and kisses. As soon as I would put my hand on his soft fur, the world around me would blur and the stress and anxieties of the day would disappear. He was the best big brother to our son Leo, and looking back at baby pictures, Zeek was always close by. Truly a gentle giant who loved everyone and everything.

Being such a big part of our family, thinking about his aging and end of life was incredibly difficult. I could see in his eyes that his joy was fading and that he no longer had control of his body which frustrated him. After many tough emotional discussions, we knew the most loving action would be to have him pass in our home with the people he loved most surrounding him. Kona’s Loving Paws was able to allow the most peaceful and humane passing of our precious Zeek. Dr. Rikh was so compassionate and guided us through the toughest decision we had to make. I am so grateful for her and her team. They were empathetic, charismatic, and genuine. Losing a pet, a family member, is the most heartbreaking experience and I am eternally grateful for all Kona’s Loving Paws has done for Zeek and our family.

I know he’s up in heaven sitting on everyone’s laps and giving out the best cuddles and kisses. We will miss you Earth-side my sweet boy, and we can’t wait to see you again someday.


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