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Nash was rescued at the age of 10, he spent 10 years of his life chained to a dog house. Being outside majority of his life, he just loved to be inside. Watching him get comfortable in his new home and turn into a different dog was the absolute best! When we would feed him, he would pick up his food bowl and carry it to where ever we were. He always looked like he was smiling and just loved having his tummy rubbed. We got to spend 5 great years with Nash until he developed cancer. Watching the pain he was going through and the stress of going to the vets, we wanted him to feel safe and comfortable at the end. We called Dr. Rikh, as we wanted him home when he passed and we wanted his brothers to know that he was gone. She was very comforting during a difficult time for us. She was very gentle, caring, and compassionate with Nash, as well as with us. She asks to hear stories about your pet while petting them, you truly know and feel that she cares about your pet as well. I loved how they put him on a gurney with a pillow and blanket and made him look at peace.


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