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Max, aka “Mr. Maxi” came to my grandmothers kennel in 2009 as a rescue, from the second I saw his big eyes and huge slobbery toothy smile, I knew he was going to be my best friend.

He was always ready to show you his high fives, cover you in kisses, or face you in an intense boxing match, or even to just sit with you and listen.

His favorite thing to do was to chase any small critter that wandered into the yard, snakes and skunks couldn’t stand a chance against the mighty max in his younger days. 13 years later and at the ripe old age of 15 1/2, max finally started to decline.. not letting a single thing stop him from enjoying his last days just as he had all his others. Napping in the sun, enjoying the warmth of the sun cover his back and paws, Sitting with his family and doggie brother, and enjoying every hug and kiss given to him…

I love you maxi <3

Dr. Rikh was amazing during the process, helping him and everyone to feel comfortable during this time. I highly recommend her :)


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