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Bob was an unusual cat in many ways;

He was enormously large and stocky,

 distinctively handsome,

   unnervingly intelligent,

     unflappably easy-going,

       insistently affectionate,

         constantly talkative in small chirps and grunts,

         ...and he sure was deliberate about destroying my window blinds.

He lived a happy 19 or so years, the last nine with me, and when his time finally came, he peacefully passed on doing two things he loved; laying underfoot in the middle of the floor, and eating chicken paste treats.

For the whole time I had him, I was constantly amazed at how lucky I was to have adopted such a strange, loving, wonderful cat.

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Rikh / Kona's Loving Paws for bringing Bob's life to a prompt, peaceful, and comfortable end.


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